At Ad Codec, we deliver the finest and latest advertising solutions for our clients. Apart from the old traditional marketing solutions, we are implementing new advertising strategies with the help of latest technologies available worldwide. Our major area of work is associated with digital advertising. We focus on Online Advertising Solutions, which includes, Contextual ad marketing, Social media advertising, Retargeting ads etc.

We are looking forward to implement the idea of simple and local contextual advertising solutions region wise. Here we have all the opportunities to form a network of well established advertisers, and also a network of good content rich publisher sites with high visitor rates. So we are helping the advertisers to reach their ads in to the visibility of local customer communities by placing the ads in popular websites regionally. And for the publishers, we help them to make revenue from the genuine site visitors without any extra cost.

With the latest technologies like re targeting, we can serve the ads which the site visitor may be interested. So the chances for visiting the advertiser sites and the chance of making revenue for the publisher is increased than of normal contextual advertising.

We provide an all in one service to advertisers to promote the products in all the major ad services and social networking sites, like Google, Facebook etc. So the advantage for our client is that, all these services can be managed in just one place and at comparatively less price than others.