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A Digital signage is an illuminated advertising medium to display digital images, videos, animations or texts mainly for advertising, to provide information, for entertainment purpose or to reach targeted audiences. Digital signs can be used indoors and outdoors. The display technologies are different and changes quickly.

AdCodec Digital signages are the new and improved version of digital advertising era. With new improved technologies, the signs are able to display more clear, colourful, and vivid images and videos. They are digitally controlled on the cloud environment and managed with the best automated softwares. This helps to provide our clients a maximum exposure of their content or business to the real world audience. We can publish animated slides, images or even videos with sound to make it more attractive and eye caching for anyone nearby to notice the content, which attains our goal.

Why should you consider our digital signage solution?
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Our Digital signages are available on most of the public locations, such as restaurants, cafeteria, health club, car wash, shopping malls, Multiplex, Theatres etc. Our network and technology are constantly upgraded to latest and increase in locations for more efficient reach.

In order to publish an advertisement in our Digital signage, only the digital designs of content are required, and it can be easily published to any of our locations quickly via online. In your dedicated dashboard/app, you can run, edit, pause or remove your ads and also view the reports and performance of your ads.

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